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Staff Directory

Fowler Public Schools Staff Directory

Central Office - 989-593-2296
Name   Position   Email
Neil Hufnagel   Superintendent   nhufnagel@fowlerschools.net
Teresa Pline   Business Manager   plinet@fowlerschools.net
Kim Nixon   Administrative Assistant   kim.nixon@fowlerschools.net
Mike Schmitt   Transportation & Maintenance Supervisor   mschmitt@fowlerschools.net
Jessica Anthony   Food Service Director   janthony@fowlerschools.net
High School Staff - 989-593-2250
Position   Email
Neil Hufnagel   Principal   nhufnagel@fowlerschools.net
Kris Ernst   Athletic Director   kernst@fowlerschools.net
Cindy Karns
High School Secretary   ckarns@fowlerschools.net
Joel Mero
Counselor   jmero@fowlerschools.net
Instructional Staff - High School - 989-593-2250
Name   Position   Email
Marc Mowry
Science & Math   mmowry@fowlerschools.net
Bethany Hughey   Business, Language Arts   bhughey@fowlerschools.net
Joel Mero
Social Studies   jmero@fowlerschools.net
Deanna Stark
Visual Arts   dstark@fowlerschools.net
Dennis Wilson
Foreign Language,  History   dwilson@fowlerschools.net
Eric Buhr   Phys. Science, Conservation   ebuhr@fowlerschools.net
Sarah Lewis
Math   slewis@fowlerschools.net
Carolyn Cunningham   Special Education   ccunningham@fowlerschools.net
Keith Kleimola
Industrial Arts, Drafting   kkleimola@fowlerschools.net
Anne Pierson
Language Arts   apierson@fowlerschools.net
Ken Bradley
Health & Physical Education   ken.bradley@fowlerschools.net
Jake Roorda   Band, Music   jake.roorda@fowlerschools.net
Waldron Office Staff - 989-593-2160
Position   Email
Paul Minns
Principal   pminns@fowlerschools.net
Vicki Schlak
Administrative Assistant   vicki@fowlerschools.net
Mike Spicer   Athletic Director   mspicer@fowlerschools.net
Instructional Staff - Waldron - 989-593-2160
Position   Email
Amy Pung   Kindergarten/Pre-School   apung@fowlerschools.net
Corey Werner
Kindergarten/Pre-School   cwerner@fowlerschools.net
Becky Rotary   Reading, RTI   rrotary@fowlerschools.net
Bonnie Carr-Brown   Science   brown@fowlerschools.net
Jamie Drabek   Little Eagles Preschool   jamie.drabek@fowlerschools.net
Janelle Ritter   Language Arts, Literature   jritter@fowlerschools.net
Katie Stefanko
Math, Language Arts   kstefanko@fowlerschools.net
Kim Armbrustmacher   GSRP Preschool
Kris Ernst   Social Studies, History   kernst@fowlerschools.net
Sarah Lewis   Math   slewis@fowlerschools.net
LeAnn Schafer   3rd Grade   lschafer@fowlerschools.net
Patty Schmitt   Kindergarten   pschmitt@fowlerschools.net
Deanna Stark   Art, Computers   dstark@fowlerschools.net
Jake Roorda
Music, Band   jake.roorda@fowlerschools.net
Kellie Thelen   Resource Room   kthelen@fowlerschools.net
Brenda Epkey   2nd Grade   bepkey@fowlerschools.net
Sherry Hamilton   1st Grade   shamilton@fowlerschools.net
Ken Bradley
Physical Education   ken.bradley@fowlerschools.net
Mike Spicer   Physical Education   mspicer@fowlerschools.net
Taylor Hansen   Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies   thansen@fowlerschools.net
Carol Blackwell   4th Grade   cblackwell@fowlerschools.net
Nate Goerge   4th Grade   ngoerge@fowlerschools.net

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