Fowler High School - Credit Recovery
Welcome to the Fowler High School credit recovery page. Here you will find information about the credit recovery options available to Fowler High School students and parents. Please see the credit recovery options listed below for more information and contact Mr. Mero at jmero@fowlerschools.net if you have any questions
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Credit Recovery - Options
Credit Recovery Requirements:
- All credit recovery is worth (.5) credit per class - Credit recovery is only an option after a student has failed the class
- Mr. Mero or Mr. Hufnagel must be notified before taking a credit recovery class

The Keystone School: Keystone offers students credit recovery in the form of online classes or correspondence packets. Note: correspondence packets cover an entire academic year in the subject chosen, but will only result in a (.5) credit upon completion. However, the online classes offer an A (1st semester) or B (2nd semester) option for a (.5) credit per each option.

The Keystone School Online Website: http://www.keystoneschoolonline.com/credit-recovery/getting-started.html  

Michigan Virtual University Online Courses (MIVU) – Credit recovery courses available through MIVU. These courses are teacher-led, and are aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) and accepted by the NCAA as well as most colleges. More information available at http://michiganvirtual.org/students/summer/

St. Johns High School Summer School Credit Recovery Program – For more information, see the registration form included: St. Johns High School Credit Recovery Program

Portland Community Education Summer – For more information, see the registration form included: Portland HS Summer School Form.pdf