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It is never too early for students to begin preparing for the Michigan Merit Exam, which is taken by all high school juniors. For students in the Class of 2008 and beyond, taking the Michigan Merit Examination will ensure them eligibility for the $4,000 Michigan Promise Scholarship.  The Scholarship can be used to pay for college, technical and trade schools. Students who pass the MME mathematics, reading, writing and science components, with a score of 1100 or more, will qualify for early installment payments versus a lump sum payment after they complete their sophomore year with a 2.5 grade point average or better. Students in the Class of 2007 have qualified for the scholarship based on their MEAP results. 

To help students receive the Michigan Promise Scholarship, Michigan Virtual High School is providing free online testing preparation to the students of Fowler Public Schools until June 2009. Students will be able to effectively prepare for a portion of the Michigan Merit Exam, which includes ACT Plus Writing, Michigan Science, Michigan Math, and Michigan English Language Arts. The program is called testGEAR and can be accessed 24/7 at

The Michigan Department of Education has funded the initiative to help empower students prepare for future Michigan Merit Testing. Students using testGEAR will have a personalized study plan based on a brief diagnostic test. They will be guided through 60 hours of online data-driven instruction that strengthens skills of the subject matter being covered, introduces students to test-taking strategies and builds self-confidence with many short practice tests and full length exams. 

If you have problems accessing testGEAR, please contact Bridges’ Customer Support department at 1-800-281-1168 or