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Credit Recovery Options

Credit Recovery Requirements:
– All credit recovery is worth (.5) credit per class – Credit recovery is only an option after a student has failed the class
– Mr. Mero or Mr. Horak must be notified before taking a credit recovery class

The Keystone School: Keystone offers students credit recovery in the form of online classes or correspondence packets. Note: correspondence packets cover an entire academic year in the subject chosen, but will only result in a (.5) credit upon completion. However, the online classes offer an A (1st semester) or B (2nd semester) option for a (.5) credit per each option.

The Keystone School Online Website:

Michigan Virtual University Online Courses (MIVU) – Credit recovery courses available through MIVU. These courses are teacher-led, and are aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) and accepted by the NCAA as well as most colleges. More information available at