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Eagle Fitness FAQ

What is the status of the new Eagle Fitness Center facility?

All components of the new fitness center have been completed over the first couple weeks of March. Apart from a few touch ups, the gym floor and track have been completed. The weight room flooring has also been installed and weight equipment is in place. The cardio room also now has six new machines in place. The door access and alarm system have been installed.

When will school and community groups begin to use the fitness center?

Starting May 2nd, the Fitness Center will be available for single session use during staffed hours. These hours are Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 6am-8am and Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm-8pm. Please keep in mind that our spring sports teams have already begun to use the batting cages, track, and weight room, as is our football team for out of season weightlifting and conditioning. 

How can I rent or reserve the new recreation gym, or any of our other gyms for that matter?

We are transitioning to a new online reservation system for all of our gym rentals and reservations. This includes one time rentals of our facilities as well as groups who want regularly scheduled gym use time slots. There will be a link on our website for the rental and reservation form. Community members can simply click on the link, complete the form and submit it. We will process the request and email a confirmation with the rental rate, payment procedure, and access instructions. Those unable to access the online form can stop by the High School office during regular business hours to pick up and complete a form.

When will individual memberships be available for the Eagle Fitness Center for use of the cardio room, weight room, or track?

We have a few more safety and security details to work out before making the facility available for individual use. These include the installation of phones, security cameras, and a pass code system to provide and monitor individual use.

What are the rental reservation and membership rates for using the fitness center and our gyms?

In February, our board approved rental rates for our gyms and membership rates for the fitness center. Those rates are shown in the chart below and go into effect March 20, 2023.

Why is there any cost at all for using these facilities when taxpayers have already paid to build the facility?

We absolutely appreciate the support our community members and taxpayers have provided in passing the millage and enabling the construction of our beautiful new facility. As shared prior to the mileage election, membership rates and facility use rental fees are needed to offset the ongoing costs of utilities, maintenance, equipment replacement, and staffing for community use so that it does not direct funds away from student programs. Since the community has already paid for the construction of the facility, our membership rates will be less than half of those typically paid at private gyms and fitness centers, and the rental rates are set on the low end of those charged and other local school districts. Nonresidents will also have opportunities to use our facilities, but will pay a higher rate.

How will the scheduling of our facilities be prioritized among the many potential groups and users?

As has always been our practice in scheduling our facilities, we will generally schedule school teams and school sponsored groups first, groups made up primarily of district residents second, and groups made up fully or primarily of non-residents third.

What days and hours will the fitness center and gyms be available for use?

Single session staffed hours are available Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 6am-8am and Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm-8pm.

We are working hard to provide our community as much access to our facilities as possible. This includes use of the fitness center and recreational gym during the school day and our other gyms outside of the school day when they are not used by our own school groups and teams. When fully implemented, we anticipate individuals with memberships to have access to the fitness center seven days a week from 5 AM to 11 PM and our gyms will be available for rentals and reservations from 6 AM to 10 PM when not being used for school events. 

What safety and security measures will be in place, especially if the fitness center is available during school hours?

Eagle Fitness members and participants in groups that use the facility during the school day will be required to submit to a background check. It is the same background check we currently use for school volunteers. We will also be using a punch pad system with an individual code assigned to each member and renter for entry into the fitness center limiting access to only those who have had the background check. The portion of the building typically available to fitness club members and daytime gym users will be the weight room, cardio room, track and recreational gym. The three sets of doors that separate the athletic center from the rest of the school building will be set to alarm should fitness centers users pass through them during the school day. All areas of the fitness center will also be monitored with security cameras. 

Have all the details been worked out to assure that the fitness center and facilities use plans will work perfectly moving forward?

Absolutely not! While we have a clear vision that we want to make our facilities readily available to our community, and an initial plan to get that use underway, we know that there will be issues that arise that have to be worked out along the way. Just like building our new facility had a simple, black and white blueprint for its construction. There were many, many adjustments made during the process to improve and adjust those initial plans resulting in an improved, outstanding facility. The same will be true for our work to fill the new facility with programs, activities, and opportunities that meet the needs of our kids and community. The information contained in this Q&A is an overview of that initial plan. Many more details have been considered and others will continue to emerge. We are happy to get this facility open to our community and ask for your continued patience as we refine our processes to fulfill our mission to meet our student and community needs.

If I have additional questions. Who do I contact for the answers?

All questions regarding the use of our facilities, and Eagle Fitness memberships should be directed to our Eagle Fitness email account at and we will be happy to get back with you during regular business hours.