Fowler Public Schools


About the Foundation

The Fowler Public Schools Education Foundation was created to provide long term support for our schools.
Our goal is to raise $1 million by 2030 to create a trust fund.

Eighty percent of the money raised goes into the fund. The interest from the fund, along with twenty percent of the money raised every year is available for a variety of improvements and opportunities for all grade levels. Teachers and community members can apply for this money through an annual grant process.

The foundation board is made up of community members who coordinate fundraising efforts and distribute money through a public process.

Board meetings are open to all community members, and you are encouraged to attend whether or not you have children in school.

Current board members

Kristin Phillips (chair)
Scott Thelen (vice chair)
Amy Epkey (treasurer)
Patty Schmitt (secretary)
Dan Schmitt
Lori Hyland
Nathan Jandernoa
Brendan Rotary
Becky Rotary

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Fowler Public Schools Education Foundation

PO Box 126 | Fowler MI 48835