Fowler Public Schools


Grants for Educators

Each year the foundation awards grants to a number of Fowler educators for projects that will benefit our students.

Here are the ways that YOUR donations have helped!

2020 Grants

Banners for 2020 Graduation Class – $250
Village of Fowler and Senior Class

Personalized banners hung in downtown Fowler in honor of the 2020 graduating seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advertising support for Fowler Public Schools Bond Proposal – $500

Funds provided to generate community support for the 2020 Bond Proposal to invest in FPS school buildings.

2019 Grants

Banners for 2020 Graduation Class – $250
Village of Fowler and Senior Class

Two sets of books from the High Noon Book Company specifically designed for struggling readers with a phonic based progression approach.

Early Intervention Reading Materials – $275
Ms. Rotary, Elementary School

Early intervention reading resources for K-4 students.

Second Step 5th Grade Social-Emotional Learning Program Binder – $439
Mr. Mero, Elementary School

Resources to assist students with social-emotional learning

2018 Grants

“7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” Books – $700
Ms. Pierson and Ms. Hughey, High School

The book provides practical tips that help student realize their potential and provide guidance on time-management, supporting others, and establishing and achieving goals. The books will be used by all students entering high school. 

Robotic Chassis – $500
Mr. Mowry, Robotics Team

The Robotics Team, Blue Eagles #7289, was able to purchase a chassis that has independent drive wheels and will serve as the base for the robot. 

Tuba – $1000
Mr. Roorda, High School

Along with a grant from Home Works, a new Tuba was purchased for use with the high school band.

Document Camera & Microphone System – $400
Ms. Blackwell, Waldron Elementary

The microphone system and camera is used for presentations in the classroom.

2017 Grants

Physics Sensors – $1,500
Mr Mowry, High School

Four physics sensor bundles with motion, force, magnetic field and voltage sensors to enhance lessons for high school chemistry and physics classes. 

Kindergarten Supplemental Science and Reading Materials – $650

Ms. Pung and Kindergarten Teachers, Elementary School

Hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) material to build upon the science Curriculum and replace outdated and limited materials.

Chrome Books – $650
Ms. Ritter, Middle School

Technology to allow students to perform research as well as providing online books and programs for struggling students and engage higher level learners.

Keva Building Sets – $200
Ms. Hamilton, Elementary School

Three wooden block sets used for assignments promoting teamwork, cooperation and creativity among younger students.

2016 Grants

Little Buddies Need to Move – $650
Ms. Pung, Elementary School

20 Kore Wobble Stools for kindergarten students providing the ability for students to move throughout the day, enhancing learning and eliminating disruption to the classroom.

Buddy Bench – $650
Ms. Schafer, Elementary and Middle School

Playground bench designed to promote inclusion of children who are feeling left out on the playground

Classroom Maps – $1,316
Ms. Blackwell, Middle School

Replacement of United States, World and Michigan maps for 2002 for use in middle school history classes.

Intervention Reading Materials – $105
Ms. Rotary, Elementary School

Reading practice cards and other reading materials to assist students with achieving grade level goals.